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tv   News  ABC  November 28, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EST

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after a weekend that brought us three days in row of 70 degree temperatures we are mild but watching the three main images which includes wet weather to the west. mild air in place and a big change about to come for all of us. check it out. there's the radar showing a good line of rain back to our west in p.a. and up to new york state and ohio and further south, further south there's snow. talk about -- we will talk about that later on. we are drive but pumping in more moisture and likely to turn into a mostly cloudy sky even if we get a little morning sunshine. the irony here around baltimore and central maryland we slipped into the mid and upper 40s but surrounded by 59 in easton and ocean city. 58 in hagerstown and warmer 56 degrees up towards york and pa a bubble of cool air in central maryland but we will warm up today and that breeze will come out of the southeast and build bag into -- back into the 60s that comes with increasing
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moisture and maybe showers this evening and we will talk about more wet weather on the way. let's go on your way this monday at 6:30 and welcome back tanya. glad to be back. we have a little bit of volume out there on 95 it's not causing too much of a problem yet. let's look at 95 at 175. and southbound traffic to the right of the screen. we have a dark colored car on the right -- left shoaledder there southbound. and the cars are -- shoulder there southbound. and the cars are getting by. you and as you take a look at beltway 695 at old court road near 795. that's where we have the slowdown with your traffic from 759 down to 70. that's going to take you extra time. so the drive times are affected traveling on northwest side of the beltedway -- belt twee wean 795 and 7 -- beltway between 795 and 70 what could take 7 to 9 minutes. two families are saying bye to their sons after being killed in a weekend car crash. last night hundreds gathered at a vigil in their honor. linda so is here with new
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information on the funeral arrangements being made. >> reporter: the viewing for the two teen boys jeffrey giles and jeffrey deckman will be on tuesday and thursday. the crowd of mourners took over the heritage community church. johnny deckman was killed along with his best friend 19-year- old jeffrey giles. howard county police say they were in a car with three other friends friday night out for a joyride when the driver of the car lost control and crashed. johnny and his best friend were not wearing their seat belts. the three other survive and were taken to shock trauma. family and friends say johnny loved kids and he was going to anne arundel community college to be a teacher. this summer e. went to he will val have a dore on a mission -- el salvador on a missions trip and his mother says he was thinking of others. >> this time 18 years ago i was preparing to give birth and on thursday. [audio not understandable] >> reporter: the viewing for jeffrey giles will be held on tuesday evening from 6 to 9 at
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heritage community church. the memorial will be on wednesday morning at 10. and the viewing for johnny deckman is on thursday from 10 to 2 and the funeral will follow. and as you heard his mom say that's just one day after johnny's 19th birthday. linda so, abc2 news. now even for a crook, this is a new low. a masked man in massachusetts holds a store clerk and her 3- year-old a daughter at gunpoint threatening to kim them. this happened last wednesday in broad daylight e cleaned out register and snatches the woman's purse. >> a lot of things go through your mind especially with your kids. i am thinking the guy has no mercy for nothing. >> police have no suspects right now. check out the rescue near los angeles. good samaritans rushing in to help three people pinned beneath a pickup that rolled over on the highway and the california highway patrol made it to the scene as drivers lifted the truck and poled
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female passenger to safety. -- pulled a female passenger to saved. the coast guard-- the crew of the carnival spirit told the coast guard the 77-year-old woman was experiencing symptoms of the a stroke. visitors a buffalo zoo had an opportunity to get up close and personal with one of the residents. for a fee, they could pose for a holiday picture with one of the two male california lions. we don't have photos because we didn't pay for them. moving down gas is about 3 bucks a gallon but coming up, we will tell you where the price at thepump dropped to below -- to the $2 range. that's a first in sometime. and chaos but records did fall from black friday. we will take a look back back at the tale of the tape when "good morning maryland" continues. [ female announcer ] ornaments are not for decorating.
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at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call baltimore home. from funding to help a local business expand their operations... to financing for an organization which provides affordable housing for artists... and partnering with a local hospital to help expand patient care. because the more we do in baltimore, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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walt disney company is not going ahead with plans to build a 500 room resort in the national harbor in prince george's county. in 2009 disi did announced purchase -- disney announced purchasing 11 acres for a planned hotel but they say now is not the time. county officials expect them to be a critical component of the hotel complex. gas price continue to drop and some drivers in central texas are paying less than $3 a gallon for regular unleaded. nationwide the average price for regular unlet'sed did -- unleaded did $3.3 3. in baltimore drivers paying about$3.22. and hopefully we can get a little below that $3 a gallon and maybe keep up with the people in texas. abc2 news is working to save on your gas as you travel for your holidays coming up.
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and head to andenter the zip code and find the least expensive glass in -- shall gas in your neighborhood. retailers rung up record sales. shoppers spent more than 11 billion dollars according to shopper track. nearly 1 billion dollars more than the year previous. 226 million shoppers vitsd stores and websites during the four-day holiday weekend and started on thanksgiving day up from 212 million from last year. the national retail federation says the average holiday shopper spent around 400 dollars total. as the weekend possible revelations in the syracuse sexual assault case. >> reporter: this after bernie fine is fired after damaging sexual abuse allegations are made against him from several victims. the full story coming up. >> reporter: occupy l.a. protesters are being kicked out of city hall. their location. i am sherrie johnson. hear what local protesters in
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baltimore have to say about it. black friday is gone and cyber monday is here. i am linda so. where to find the best deals online and tips for online shopping. and good morning. checking out the storm in the south, it's generating cold airand snow across mississippi. the rain is on the doorsteps. today will be the end of the nice warm weather and we will talk about what that means for the rest of the week in a moment. and outer loop slowing down between 795 and 70. we will show you details when "good morning maryland" continues.
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this is 6:43678 good morning. i am charley crawson. corinne redman new developments on sex scandal at syracuse university and sherrie johnson is live with occupy bro broughtmore where they are talking about -- baltimore where they are talking about what's going on in l.a. and the capitol will get the christmas tree. let's check in with meteorologist justin berk. >> we had three days in a row
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of 70 or greater and beautiful sunrise shots. here's latest from our friend at charm city run. on main street and route 22 in bel air. i would love to see sunrise photography. look what the annapolis camera caught from the u.s. naval academy. is that gorgeous or what? we are looking at temperatures that are ranging from 56 in annapolis to 49 in bel air back to 50 in northeast. we will spread temperatures most of you probably in the 50s if you are away from the beltway. light wind measured in baltimore but 10 mile perhour wind in easton and 13-mile-per- hour in hagerstown from the southeast. that's a sign of the moisture building back in. and we have a partly sunny sky this morning and the breeze picks up and temperatures get up to the mid-60s but will increase clouds and maybe an evening shower and we will talk about more rain knocking on the doorstep. how about the traffic. >> reporter: slow traffic on the outer loop between 695 and 70. that takes you 9 or 10 minutes with stop and go traffic.
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taking a look at 95 at 175 this is live look on the southbound traffic to the right of the screen. we have a dark colored car on the left shoulder. so be careful as you pass. 895 at harbor tunnel doing fine here. but 95 south of keith avenue we have a report of an accident there. we are flowing fine through the tunnels though. back to you. syracuse university assistant basketball coach is out of a job amid an investigation of a child molestation allegation. he was fired after a man accused him of molesting him nine years ago and it was recorded a conversation was recorded with fine's wine that led to the allegations. corinne redman is standing by with more. >> reporter: well, bernie fine served as assistant basketball coach for syracuse university for 39 years. this morning the coaching days are over. three men have come forward to accuse him of abusing them when they were boys and a recorded phone call was released which
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fine's wife admits of the abuse. espn released potentially damaging -- damming conversation on the tape fine's wife laurie and davis one of the accusers who record the call. she acknowledges knowing about the abuse which davis says started when he was in 7th grade and davis says he told police about the alleged abuse back in 2002 but got nowhere and he decided to start making the secret recording. also there's another development in the case. lori -- laurie fine seem as to admit she had a sexual relationship with bobby davis when he was 18. listen to a portion of the tape. >> i know everything that went on with him. bernie has issues. maybe he is not aware of but he has issues. and you trusted somebody you shouldn't have trusted. he had no business doing what he did with you. >> in retrospect. >> you know neither did i because i really helped crew you up a -- screw you up a
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little more too. >> reporter: a thrd accusing is 23-year-old zack thomaseli facing troublings of his own for allegedly sexually assaulting a 14-year-old boy in maine. so far no charges have been filed against fine. jim boeheim backed off earlier defense of fine saying the university took the appropriate steps in firing him. coren redman -- corinne redman, abc2 news. investigators didn't find smoke alarms in a house war 6- year-old boy died in fire. it happened early yesterday morning. one relative escapeed and two other women were resuscitate and rushed to the hospital. cause remains under investigation. there was nothing jolly about a snowman during the weekend a man dressed up as frostity snowman was arrested during the annual christmas parade in chestertown. 52-year-old kevin walsh is accused of scuffling with police and kicking in a -- at a police dog. it went down because they tried to escort him away from the crowd. walsh says he was wrongfully arrested and says an officer
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hassled him after remarking about the police dog's presence. a deadline for the wall street protesters to vacate the encampment outside los angeles city passed. they appear to be staying put. we have been showing you throughout the morning sherrie johnson is live here in baltimore with a look at what protesters what they are saying about it this morning. sherrie. >> reporter: well, yes, here you know all is quiet right now. we can see the occupy baltimore tent city here. they have been here since about october and you know, the eviction deadline for occupy los angeles is passed. it was mid night. more than a hundred demonstrators didn't leave despite the mayor's order. it was celebratory around the camp. police will not immediately begin making arrests to provide ample time for protesters to leave. now police say they doubt if everyone will go and they expect to make arrests at some point but demonstrators are vowing to stay put. now, this morning, locally here
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in baltimore, we had a chance to talk to some of the occupy baltimore protesters to hear what they have to say. and here's what michael says. >> well, i can tell you is this, this site occupy baltimore, this is the best occupation in the country. the cops are great. come and chat with us. >> reporter: now the l.a. mayor says that it was time to vacate that space at city hall because he was worried about public safety and public concerns in the area. reporting live in downtown baltimore, sherrie johnson, in aggressive confrontation thus far a deadline for occupy protesters to clear out from that city plaza has come and gone. but a few dozen tents remains scattered throughout the plaza. no arrest has been made. black friday has come and gone and it's about cyber monday and plenty deals online. retailers are offering deep
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discounts and linda so is live this morning in interactive news sent wear look at best deals. linda -- center with a look at the best deals. >> reporter: you don't have to go to the mall or stores to find the deals. but you can go online and we found a website over 700 online retailers advertising their deals for cyber monday. up here in the right hand corner, it list deals by the hour. the best deal is the honic caressence tooth brush at drugstore and it list favorite deals and some of the hottest product deals you can find all of that at cyber today is going to be a record breaking cyber monday. online shopping sales are expect to hit 1.2 billion dollars this year. cyber monday is the busiest online retail day of the year. some tips to find best deals today monitor facebook and twitter for your favorite retailers. check and compare prices before buying.
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and always look for coupons for additional savings and free shipping. that's big deal on cyber monday. retailers offer that. back here to cyber if you scroll up, they've special section for coupons and offers. another one for free shipping offers. and if you go to our website at right here in the main slide show if you click on that, we have cyber monday shopping tips. somethings you can keep in mind to find best deal. we have a link for you to cyber live in the interactive news center, linda so, abc2 news. we all remember the 1 days of christmas. this year that patridge and the pear tree and turtle doves spiked. cost of every item mentioned is now more than 100,000 dollars for the first time. the 364 items across all of the song's verses would cost 101,119 dollars increase of 4 1/2% from last year. time for the 13th annual
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it's kinder time toy drive officially underway. abc2 once again a proud sponsor. you've got until december 22nd to donate unused toys. drop them off at 15 local wal mart stores and state police barracks or fire station in baltimore city and county as well as anne arundel county. time for five things to know you can't figure out what to get people this year, we have plenty of gift ideas. go to slash holiday. have you considered giving apps for christmas? we have a story explaining how to do that and the expert toy testers they can clue you in on what the kid may be be enjoying this holiday season. a trial for bob schurick will begin today. he is accused of using robo calls to suppress voter turnout for the 2010 governor's race. henson is charged but his trial is postponed until february. a man held in aruba armed
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with the disappearance of a travel companion could go free tomorrow a judge says there's a lack of evidence in the case. and u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton leaves andrews air force base today bound for berma and south korea this week. [audio not understandable] and it's labor day. the nba will run through april 26th and require all teams to play one set of back to back to back games. now it's outlined posted on twipter it's a 66 game regular season ending 10 days later than usual. and holiday season in full swing and today the capitol redecorated in style. capitol christmas tree 60 foot red fir will arrive time after -- sometime after 10 this morning. the lighting is next week. justin. 6:53. we are showing 47 in baltimore but we are widespread 50s
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surrounding the area from southern pa and york county and hagerstown and frederick and on to the eastern shore as well. on the flip side of the storm system that's holding temperatures in the 60s across carolina. that's ironic because charlotte is 61. snow tomorrow and cold air on the backside of the storm. ginger is filling in for salmon "good morning america" and they will talk about winter weather advisory widespread across the south including arkansas and northern section of mississippi and albamma. cold air locked in on out bottom side of the storm. you can see the purple and blue enhancing on color coating radar. a interesting storm setup and that is pattern where cool air is locked across the midwest or in this case the deep south similar to repeating pattern we have seen since tropical storm lee. for us it keeps us mild enhancing the moisture in terms of building in showers and probably thick fog ahead of the rainfall as we go through tonight and tomorrow. so there could be showers later on in the day and towards the
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evening of the rain variety. and we will watch snow across the south. that slow moving storm system pinched off from the jet stream send a wave of rain our way enhancing during the day tomorrow and we get into the heavier stuff during the afternoon and evening while there's moderate to heavy snow across the north carolina mountains. that band could build up in western maryland. but we will get the rain out and cold air arriving from the south. 66 degrees with thickening clouds. a nice morning but it detier it's and tonight we are going to build in fog and showers. if you don't see it this evening, more widespread by tomorrow morning. this time could be wet 55. now the extended outlook calls for temperatures to pull back a little bit and we will be at 61 tomorrow with heavy rain in the afternoon and evening. a mix of snow and rain showers west of baltimore on wednesday. no big idea or -- deal or -- no big deal or stickage. next weekend into the 40s. tanya. >> reporter: we have an accident that just cleared out of the way on 95 near the fort
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mchenry tunnel. look live at traffic cameras, the beltway at frederick road moving well on both loops. this is the end of the delay. the delay begins near 795. on the outer loop we have stop and go traffic from 795 all the way down to baltimore national pike. so that will take extra time there. the good news is the inter county connector is not open between 95 and 270. you don't have to pay a toll until monday. weather and traffic coming up at 25 and 55 getting you ready. be careful cyber monday a lot of hackers and scammers are out there trying to get their hands on your information. you can check for the latest information on what to do to protect yourself. intercounty connector open until the 4th right. >> reporter: yes then you have to pay ez pass only no cash on monday. >> a couple live shots to show you. first is we will do new york. >> there you go how do you like
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that sunrise. >> butte newly and now to the nation's capitol in dc, the christmas tree arrives and wide balance the camera. time for new york and "good morning america." see you in 25 minutes. ask
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at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call baltimore home. from funding to help a local business expand their operations... to financing for an organization which provides affordable housing for artists... and partnering with a local hospital to help expand patient care. because the more we do in baltimore, the more we help make opportunity possible.


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